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September 7, 2009 / Mary Ann

Mystery Sock Clue #1



I’m participating in a Mystery Sock Challenge on Ravelry. I may or may not get around to posting in the Ravelry group so that my socks would qualify for a prize, they award the prizes randomly, not time-wise. I’m doing this for the … challenge and the fun. This first clue was a challenge, but not an insurmountable one. There are different challenges each month. I will try to be sane and not participate every month. I do need time to knit non-sock items.

The 1st challenge was the requirement to use yellow yarn. Solid to almost-solid yellow. No yellow in the store. (I have a confession, I’ve ordered some yellow yarn that will be much brighter than this, it’s called Finch. But I don’t have it yet and I wanted to have the first clue done before the next one comes out.) Clues come out sometime after midnight on Tuesdays during September. I got a skein of off white Cascade Heritage sock yarn from the store and 10 packages of lemonade Kool-aid from my local grocery store and dyed the yarn in the microwave. I found instructions and much advice on Ravelry. Of course now I want to jump into dyeing more yarn. It was such fun.

The 2nd challenge was the Vikkel braid. When I first tried it I thought it was impossible, so I did it “my way”. To get technical you start with M1, move that stitch back to the left needle, then knit into the back of the 2nd stitch, knit into the front of the 1st stitch. I found that it could insert my needle between the 2 stitches, knit into the back of the 2nd stitch and knit into the front of the 1st. You keep moving the stitch you just made back to the left needle. No braid appeared but I thought that would happen on the next round. I got almost done with the round and noticed that a lovely braid was appearing on the inside of the round. I went to the forum group postings, went to a site that showed it in more detail, discovered that it was not impossible to do it the right way and now I have my first clue finished.


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