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September 5, 2009 / Mary Ann

A Sewing Post



I’ve been working on this bag for at least 3 weeks while working at the store. I used a Scrap Bags pattern, The little thing with the button on it is not actually part of the bag, it is the Wonder Wallet, a Lazy Girl Designs pattern, I think it looks good sitting there. This would be a great bag to embroider or quilt and/or use beads and other embellishments. Both patterns have excellent instructions. If only I actually followed patterns to the letter. People spend a lot of time writing patterns, why not follow them — at least the first time you make something. Good grief. I didn’t trim the batting from the seams before sewing things together which makes for extra bulk and in this kind of pattern, extra bulk is an issue. The front and back and sides get finished and then sewn together with gussets on the side (for non-sewers, a gusset is an extra piece of fabric inserted in this case at the side, so that the bag is not flat). Scrap Bags sells a board that you can cover and put in the bottom of the bag so it stands up.

I took a photo of the inside of the bag (which is all lined, with pockets) because I love the snap. I’d not used magnetic snaps before, they are so easy and make such a great closure.

The wallet was an easy pattern, took very little time to make it. If/when I make it again, I will NOT use sticky Velcro. I don’t trust it to stick without sewing it on. I ruined 3 sewing machine needles and 1 sewing needle. The glue sticks to the needle and makes it impossible to sew it on. But the wallet is adorable, didn’t get a photo of it opened up, it has several pockets, for change, credit cards, folded bills. This would make a great gift.

I LOVE these fabrics, The Aurora collection, by Anna Griffin. Below are more colors. I can’t decide if I like the blue and green better or the bright black, red, and yellow version. Maybe I’ll make myself a bag out of the bright.



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  1. Suzanne / Sep 5 2009 11:38 pm

    Yea!!! I can’t wait to see it in person!

    Instructions? What do you want to read those for???

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