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June 13, 2009 / Mary Ann

More Socks

I just got bright blue sock blockers from Knitpicks. Not for blocking socks, I can’t see the point of that, but for taking photos of socks. Crazy, I know. No, these socks are not a pair. They are both Opel sock yarn, superwash wool, with some cotton, can’t remember the percentage. They feel like socks you could wear on a cool summer evening and they’re in lighter colors than I seem to generally knit socks from.

The most exciting part of this post though is that the sock on the left is my first ever toe up sock!!! I’ve been trying to figure out how to accomplish this for a long time. Have studied and tried many patterns. Provisional cast ons, wrapping… good grief. I can do the first part of the technique called wrapping, but not the 2nd. Suzanne (leave it to a kid) sent me a link to the Turkish cast on. This requires using 2 circular needles, but is easy peasy. Eliminates needing to do the Kitchener stitch that you generally do to close the toe when you knit top down (though I’ve not had a lot of trouble with it). When you use circular needles you can try on the socks-in-progress. I haven’t perfected this sock technique yet, but will be using it a lot. This pair is going to be for Suzanne because the foot of the sock is quite long and Suzanne’s foot is quite long.

I’ve liked the idea of using 2 circular needles to make socks (and I think I’ve talked about this a bit on this blog), but always had trouble with gappy stitches between the needles, so I’ve been using 5 dpns. But I discovered that I could do the same thing I do with dpns, which is to knit off stitches from the next needle on to the previous needle and eliminate gaps. (Too complicated for me to figure out how to explain at the moment). BUT, I think I am figuring out that a) these gaps I’ve been hating may only be visible to me and b) maybe what I’ve read about about tightening up the 2nd stitch of a row works better than trying to tighten the first (when you tighten the 2nd you actually are tightening up the first) and c) maybe what I’ve read about gaps mysteriously disappearing eventually is actually true.

The sock on the right is my “can do this in my sleep” top down garter rib pattern. I can’t tell you who these are going to be for just yet, it’s a secret, sometimes the person reads my blog.

Funny thing about the yarn for the left side socks. A friend got this yarn to make a Baby Surprise Jacket and somewhat untactfully, I said that I didn’t care for the yarn for socks — the wide stripes, I just didn’t think it would look good on socks. Well, when I was looking for a lighter color yarn for socks, this was all I saw at Knots and Bolts. And I really quite like the effect.




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