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February 8, 2009 / Mary Ann

Hearts and Flowers



0021Suzanne often told me that she thought I’d enjoy hand applique. I took stabs at it, but it didn’t look as perfect as I thought it should. I had seen a lot of what I thought was “perfect” needle turn applique and I was in awe. I started looking more closely and realized that yes, there are people who do exquisite hand work, perfect curves and inner and outer points. But there is lots of applique that is less than perfect. It’s the over-all effect that counts. And of course, it does take practice. 2 or 3 Christmases ago Suzanne gave me a kit and a pattern to make this sweet wallhanging. She didn’t just give me the kit and some fabrics. She had already traced the patterns onto the fabric!!! All I had to do was cut out the shapes she had traced and start the applique. Applique and embroidery, I find this to be a very pleasing combination. I loved working on this quilt. I just got the borders on today. It sometimes takes me quite awhile to get projects finished. I’ll let Suzanne machine baste this and then I’ll hand quilt it with pearl cotton and big stitches.

Update on yesterday’s new project — I think I’m going to put the word F L E U R on the flower wall hanging, big letters across the top or down one side.

I went down to the shop this afternoon to cut out the borders for this Hearts and Flowers quilt and was going to sew, using my Bernina 830 that is down there. But the foot pedal and cord weren’t with the machine. I was also going to work on a quilt that I had bought fabric for a couple years ago to make for our church’s auction. I got it started back then, but didn’t finish. Now the pieces have traveled around to more than one place in my house I think. It’s a Trip Around the World and needs to be pieced just so. It’s in lovely dark batiks. I’m somewhat overwhelmed by it, because I didn’t keep the sections organized. Why do I do these things? Who knows! I’d really love to get it done, but other projects keep calling out louder. And the knitting needles have been speaking much louder than the sewing needles. I haven’t finished a quilt in way too long (and then I can’t resist starting a new one).



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  1. AllenQuilts / Feb 9 2009 12:12 am

    Very cute!!

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