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February 7, 2009 / Mary Ann

A Tale of Two Quilts


I’ve been working on the brown/purple pink quilt for several weeks off and on. All right, probably a couple months. I can’t remember the book the pattern comes from, the blocks were fun to piece. I used my seam ripper once or twice because it’s easy to get things going the wrong way. One strip of the brown border stripe goes on each block. Fine. Then I started the longer borders. I cut the wrong lengths once and put the thing away for a couple more weeks. Today I once again cut the wrong lengths. Then I thought I had everything under control. Then I went to the ironing board and realized that I had cut the stripes the long way — you can easily see this at the top of the quilt, much more effective to have cross-wise stripes for a border. I don’t know if I’ll ever finish this thing. It’s not the most beautiful quilt in the world, but I don’t go for beautiful, I go for interesting.

A couple weeks ago I had picked out fat quarters for my next quilt top. But after the brown/purple fiasco I put the fat quarters away, deciding that I just wanted to sew, for goodness sake!!! I didn’t want to measure too much. So I pencil sketched a vase and flowers and then went to the closet at Knots and Bolts today and pulled out fabric. I took a fat 1/8th and cut a square, then just started cutting 3″ strips from the scraps and started adding them around the center square. The only measuring or real thinking involved was the center square and the width of the strips. The piecing was pretty much truly random. I wanted to end up with a busy background, but hopefully the flowers will still stand out. Started cutting circles for big fried egg type flowers and strips of a pretty green for stems. I think I might just let the stems hang into the border and not tuck them in. At first the flowers were going to be in a vase, but I decided there were fabrics in the background that I didn’t want to cover up, especially the silhouette fabric.. The borders aren’t all sewn on yet because the bobbin ran out of thread and I haven’t mastered changing the bobbin on the Featherweight that Suzanne has at the store. The border fabric wouldn’t be just any one’s choice I know. It reminds me of 50s era curtain or upholstery fabric. I will probably change out some of the flower choices, some aren’t bright enough. I’ll probably do some rearranging. And then I’ll find a backing, batting, slap it all together and get out my pearl cotton and needle and utility quilt by hand.

There weren’t a lot of customers in the store today, but I had a grand time sewing and cutting and creating after I figured out that I just needed to “doodle” with fabric.



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  1. Deb Levy / Feb 8 2009 1:06 am

    The squares are cute…but like you said sorta fussy. I love the flowers quilt. Doodle away…it looks great!

  2. JakkiMitch / Feb 8 2009 8:10 pm

    Ooh! Those quilts look like really ambitious projects! What are the finished dimensions?


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