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September 6, 2008 / Mary Ann

Cherries #1

Cherry Basket Quilt, the pattern was in a Better Homes & Garden once or twice yearly issue that features quilt shops from across the country. My piecing was not terrific on this one, just ask my machine quilter. But I was very pleased with the machine applique. The background is a much brighter yellow than the photo shows. See what I mean about how cheerful yellow and red is?



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  1. Suzanne / Sep 6 2008 8:08 pm

    i don’t recall the piecing being a problem, but it’s been long enough ago that i might have blocked it out….

  2. Mary Ann / Sep 6 2008 8:15 pm

    Oh I remember. I remember thinking while I was piecing it that I really should slow down and do a better job. But I also recall that when you looked at it you mentioned something about the piecing not being my best work. I’m sure you were very diplomatic about. I don’t recall having my feelings hurt. It was all true! But when I look at it now I don’t see the poor piecing.

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