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September 1, 2008 / Mary Ann

Flower Power

I’m taking a break from a felted bag I’m making that is a monster that had better turn out to be the most beautiful felted bag I ever make. I’m making my mom a bag from Suzanne’s pattern.

(I can’t seem to locate a photo of the finished bag at the moment.) It has a rectangular base with rounded corners and then you just knit in the round until the bag is the height you want (or you run out of yarn or you get sick and tired of knitting and want it done). Whichever comes first. At the moment I’m thinking of adding a flap, but will wait to decide on that. I also had thought about adding a band of a lighter pink or gray maybe and adding some embroidery. And then I thought that I would just stick with the pink and embellish with buttons or something. But then I decided to look around on Ravelry at flower patterns and came up with this:

It was designed as a coaster but I think will look great on this bag. I’m making it out of Cascade 220 superwash, size G (I think) crochet hook. So I’ll felt the bag and then attach the flower(s). I think I will make enough to circle the bag. If I end up making a flap, I’ll put the flowers near the bottom of the bag, otherwise they’ll go around the top. And I’ll see if I can get Suzanne’s boys to make an i-cord for the handle for me using a Wonder Knitter.

I’m using Inox size 10&1/2 needles and Cascade 220 100% wool for the body. My mother’s favorite color in the world is pink and I just looked at the Cascade pinks and picked out what I thought was the prettiest, most cheerful one there. I think that the most cheerful color combo is red and yellow with a bit of green thrown in. I’ve just decided that the 2nd most cheerful is pink and yellow and orange. There’s just something about yellow — the sunniness and warmth of it I suppose. I’ve often found and have heard other quilters say that if your scrap quilt seems to missing something, add a bit more yellow, it always perks things up.

I NEVER used to wear yellow because mom always hated yellow. And as a “blonde” I can’t wear just any yellow. It has to be sunny yellow, others can be very unflattering. When I visited my mom a couple weeks ago, she had on a YELLOW shirt of all things. I didn’t think I’d ever see that happen.

Add some yellow to your life when you need a boost.



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  1. Suzanne / Sep 3 2008 3:57 pm

    Is it my bag pattern or your bag that is a monster? Cause you better not be dissing my pattern…….VBG

  2. Mary Ann / Sep 3 2008 10:34 pm

    Oh no, I’d never dis (diss???) your pattern. What is dis/diss short for?
    I’m speaking of the bag which is a monster in size and for which I didn’t follow the directions closely enough there towards the end because I was so anxious to have it done for the Olympics closing ceremony and I didn’t get that accomplished and now it’s languishing away waiting to have some un-knitting done before it gets finished and dunked into hot water.

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