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August 16, 2008 / Mary Ann


You can’t be around too much without realizing that I LOVE COLOR. My favorite color is red. I made a scrap quilt a few years ago, I will get it photographed one of these days. For the “neutral” color in it, instead of using whites or off-whites, I used a lime green. At least one person looked at it and said she’d never thought of doing something like that, but she kind of liked it. Most of my clothing has color in it, not too many earthen tones or pastels. This is sort of in explanation of why I was so attracted to the cart you see pictured here. It’s in the shop window right now. I couldn’t wait until I got some better shops of it, because I’m in the mood for journalling posting right now. I found the cart at an antique shop about 5 years ago. I don’t do a lot of antiquing and if I do I might spend as much as $10.00, probably never had spent more before. I paid$150.00 for this cart!!! Wowie. But it “spoke” to me. It’s colorful, it holds stuff, and it’s unique. It was called a South American wedding cart. I’ve googled this in several variations, can’t find anything. I’d like to learn more about it.

It is indeed a cart, 2 big wheels and could be hooked up to something to be pulled — children, wedding presents, you name it. It comes all apart in several pieces. It has the box you see to the left and it has two trays that can sit on the top. It also has a 6 section divider box thing that Suzanne has in the shop at the moment holding yarn. There is also another serving type tray that is not painted red, but varnished clear and has similiar colorful designs on it. It really is beautiful I think and the paint work is gorgeous. It has attracted a lot of attention in the shop. I think that will probably be its new home for quite some time now.

I’m kind of sort of having a deja vu moment about having written about the cart before now, but I can’t see where I have. Oh, maybe it’s one of those darn senior moments other people talk about.


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