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July 26, 2008 / Mary Ann


Wahoo! 3 posts in one day. Making up for lost non-photographic content time!

I mentioned these hats a couple messages ago. I knit the blue hat first, Brown Sheep wool, will have to add the details later. Size 7 needles, here’s the pattern — I really like knittingschooldropout’s story about how she recreated a pattern that her 94 year old great-aunt has been making hats from for 40 years. I LOVE this pattern and will make it again. I have a big head, need to make it a big larger for me.

The gray and purple hat is out of Cascade 220 wool. Oh fiddlesticks, I should have snapped the hat with the purple scarf I made from the same yarn. Here’s the pattern for it —, also size 7 needles. You might have wondered if you read that previous blog why I embroidered spiders on a hat — they’re pretty spiders. I found the pattern in Kristin Nicholas’ wonderful book called Kristin Knits. The spiders are simply big X’s with an odd number of legs, I used 7. You make the X and then you simply start in the center and weave the yarn over and under. Very fun to make. The buttons were from Suzanne’s button box. I found 3 buttons alike but one was slightly defective. Suzanne and I both looked at the 3 lying on the hat before I sewed them on and agreed that the defective one was too obvious, so I threw it back in the box and tried to find another one. I didn’t think there was another match, so was just about ready to go with 2 buttons. Then I was so excited, I found a 3rd one. I sewed all 3 on and finally realized that the 3rd button was actually the defective one. Guess it wasn’t so bad after all.


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