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July 20, 2008 / Mary Ann


Not much activity on this blog. In the process of cleaning up after the fire everything got moved around. I can’t find one of my colanders in the kitchen. Also, after the cleaning I moved my computer to a different location. I very carefully made a diagram for where everything should get plugged in, red thingie into red thingie on the back of the tower (is that what the big box with the brain in it is called?), etc. I much prefer it when Suzanne does computer set-up for me, it’s so easy for her. but it’s good for me to do it sometimes, I suppose. But anyway, I now can’t find my mousepad or the connector that goes from my camera to the tower/brain. SO, no photos until I locate it. I’m sure it’s pretty much right in front of me, but I don’t see it.

Mostly what I’ve been doing is knitting when I’m not working or doing a bit of housework. If I could, I’d post photos. For now you’ll just have to use your imagination. I’ve made 2 baby surprise jackets. They are the most fun.

I’ve made 2 hats — one in a blue Brown Sheep yarn, I really like the pattern. The other is in Cascade 220 100% wool, mostly gray with about 1/2 inch of light purple at the beginning of the ribbing. It has a button band. Evidently Banana Republic sold a hat with a button band on it that’s become really popular for knitters to make knock-off patterns of. I also embroidered some spider webs on it in the purple, inspired by Kristin Nicholas’ book Kristin Knits. She does wonderful things with bright colors and embroidery. I’ll be doing more embroidery on knits. I also made a scarf out of the purple, the pattern was Wavy, from Knitty Winter 2004. I really love this pattern, it’s simple but impressive looking, but a row counter MUST be used for it.

I started a pair of socks in Cascade Sierra, it’s a worsted weight part cotton and part wool, red and yellow, ISU Cyclone colors. I’m hoping to find people who want to learn how to make socks and I think it would be good to start with worsted weight and needles bigger than size 1 so you can get them done more quickly.

All for now, Happy Sunday.


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