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May 10, 2008 / Mary Ann

Counted Cross Stitch

Back in the late 70s, 80s, and through part of the 90s, I was a counted cross stitch enthusiast. I learned how to do it in South Carolina, we lived in Summerville near Charleston. I loved it, I started on hardanger cloth, 22 threads to the inch, 1 strand of DMC embroidery floss. My first project was Jack & Jill from a Gloria & Pat book. Remember Ginnie Thompson? She was kind of a pioneer in the field. Her daughter saw some work I did for a consignment shop in Summerville and I did some models for her designs — she had looked at the back of my work and it was about as neat as the front, that impressed her. I don’t seem to have the patience or the vision for cross stitch any more. I still have a pile of unframed and even unfinished pieces. It provided well needed therapy during the years when the kids were little and I needed a creative escape.

My mother taught school and here is something I made for her. The design was from another one of the many Gloria & Pat books. Can anyone remember the name of the artist who drew these characters who had no mouths?


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