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May 3, 2008 / Mary Ann

Mitten Weather

Past time to put the mitten quilt away, but thought I’d snap a couple pictures of it first. I made it up as I went along. Added the borders then squared it up, no binding. Random colors of Valdani pearl cotton hold it together. I think I traced my hand for the pattern and then made some a bit smaller. Folded pieces of paper and cut hearts. I really enjoy projects like this. Start with an idea, start whacking away, work with edges left raw, stitch with random colors and sizes of stitches, cut it off and square it off when it seems big enough. Not a completely original idea. I have a pumpkin quilt made in a similar manner from a book, but can’t think of the name of the book. They were going to be the first in a series of seasonal quilts. I think I was going to do kites for spring. Some day, I’ll make more. Maybe.


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  1. Judy / May 6 2008 5:11 pm

    Love this quilt. Reminds me of a banner my mom made for our Matthew when he was born. It had the hand print of each family member and of all those who contributed their name to Matthew Charles Ellsworth – parents, sibling, grandparents, uncles, and Matthew’s baby print. I don’t know if Matthew has that banner of if I’m still holding it for when he has a house (with an attic)!!!!

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