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May 3, 2008 / Mary Ann

1st & 2nd grandsons, 1st & 2nd grandchildren

William Stevenson & Joseph Harold, aka Will & Joe (but in the photo they are Joe & Will, so much for posing in sibling order). When they come to my house they eat grilled cheese sandwiches. 2 each. No other main course allowed. I invested in a 22″ electric griddle just so I could more easily served up grilled cheese. It will also be serving up scrambled eggs and pancakes for breakfast. Scrambled eggs with no butter (I found out that preference the last time they stayed overnight and nobody would eat my eggs. Pancakes with syrup only, no butter. They are 8 and you still have to cut their pancakes for them. (I complain, but I’ll miss it when they can do everything for themselves, won’t I?)

Eating grilled cheese while watching Looney Tunes at a card table in Grandma’s living room. Yumm. I also let them use matches to light candles. Evidently they haven’t had much match lighting experience yet.


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