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May 1, 2008 / Mary Ann

Mother’s Month

May is Mother’s Month, right? Didn’t I hear that somewhere, that it’s no longer just a one day celebration, it’s the whole month? Consider yourself special, all month long.

Think about your own dear mother, whether she’s still around for you to visit or call or send a card and flowers to or not. Think of all she went through before you were even born, the planning and anticipation of your arrival, the unknown of how the birth process might go, of how to take care of a baby. What sacrifices did she have to make? Did she have plenty of money to put food in your mouth, clothes on your back, or did she have to pinch pennies to make sure you were comfortable in every way she could?

No matter what our relationships with our mothers are like, they are unique. No matter how we regard our relationships with our mothers, let’s take plenty of moments to think of all they gave us. Life and love, in their own special ways.

The 3 sisters, just a couple weeks ago. This is my mother Onnolee in pink on the left (pink is her favorite color and the pin is violets, her birth month of February’s flower), Aunt Lu in the middle, and the youngest is Aunt Barb, on the right. Isn’t it interesting how children (no matter how old or young) line up for pictures in their birth order.


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