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April 26, 2008 / Mary Ann

Middy Jane speaks on Saturday morning

I am having a heckuva time getting photos into my posts. The viewing of them in the post before I publish it is driving me bananas. They don’t always appear right away in the post or they appear and then disappear so I think I haven’t gotten them inserted and before you know it, I see more than one copy of the same photo. I’m going to choose to blame this on my ancient PC. It’s time to replace it. It can’t possibly be something I’m doing wrong. But it might have something to do with having different edit windows open and getting confused over which one is “live”.

I’m getting my hair cut this morning. I started having some color put in several months ago. I’m a blonde but at this point left natural, my hair is mouse with silver. I needed a lift and thought it needed brightening. We haven’t achieved the effect I wanted, we’re using some strawberry blonde, rustish highlights. My hairdresser raves about it. Suzanne is ho-hum about it, thinks what I really need is to put some lift into it. A few other people have noticed, but not enough. I’m not very good with styling, maybe I need to invest in a curling iron. The effect I’m really looking for if I must admit it, is to look 40 and sophisticated and attractive. Hmmm.

This morning’s Adagio tea is Valentines, chocolate and strawberry and black. It’s pretty good. Last night I tried Foxtrot, rooibos, peppermint and chamomile. For some reason I ordered more fruity types of tea in my recent Adagio package when what I really prefer is spicy or smoky.

Went to see Horton Hears a WHo last nigHt. It was a Hoot. I tHink tHey did a good job of making it look Dr. Seuss-ian, especially WHoville. CHarles Osgood was perfect as tHe narrator.

I’m babysitting a 14 month old tonight, my niece’s son Gage, that should be fun.

The rest of the weekend will be housekeeping and church tomorrow morning, reading and knitting.


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